..........Limitations of Usage.........

(1) Content
You have been granted special access to a digital download section of myImagez. Photographs in this Gallery have been formatted in a resolution for web display and fast download. The watermark has been removed and replaced by a small copyright logo.

(2) Restrictions
The Access Code to this Gallery has been provided for Client Usage and is not to be provided for public use.

(3) Modifications to Photographs
Modifications made to photographs is granted but limited to the cropping of the posted image.

(4) Acknowledgement
Any published photograph, or group of photographs, shall be displayed with formal acknowledgement of the photographer, John Soulé, or myImagez.com. Formal acknowledgment includes the publishing of unaltered photographs containing the original copyright or by providing text associated with the photograph, (such as in a caption or an overall credit).

(5) Resale
Permission is not granted for the resale of the posted photographs or for use in a manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation of either myImagez or the photographer.

Client Usage
The Client, National Harbor Dragon Boat Regatta, (NHDBR), is hereby granted permission to freely download digital copies of the posted photographs contained in this Gallery and reproduce those photographs for the purpose of publicity by NHDBR in the form of publications, including but not limited to, books, cards, calendars, invitations and websites adhering to the limitations as stated above.

Downloading any image from this Gallery constitutes acceptance by the Client to the above stated Limitations of Usage.
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