myImagez was created by John Soulé, a freelance photographer and photojournalist from Baltimore Maryland.  

John discovered photography at an early age from his grandfather and learned to develop his own film and use creative techniques in his darkroom.  
He gained an eye for art from his mother, an accomplished artist, who helped him view a scene in terms of composition and balance. John learned to blend creative techniques he learned with his photography.
In early adulthood his career brought him to become an educator, teaching math and photography. Later this path would change direction and take him into the world of Information Technology, the field in which he works today.  

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His love for photography continued throughout the years and now John takes every opportunity he has available to travel - capturing nature, people and events.  John has become recognized as an accomplished, award-winning photographer. 
In an effort to expand his portfolio and his personal growth, John joined the International Press Association (IPA) and began working in photojournalism.  He combined his photographs with articles using the "learning by doing" methodology   Some of those articles are published on this website and others on IMPress Magazine (a publication of IPA).  He continues to work as a freelance photographer, is now the Photo Tech Editor for IPA and continues to produce articles.  

John’s photographs have been published by various local organizations and news media.  As a result of numerous ‘How to’ articles on photographic techniques, combined with his various trips within the United States and Europe, John has also taken on the challenge of authoring a book on ‘Tips and Techniques’ to help the traveler.  His work as an educator continues...

CONTACT:  For more information or to request a special assignment or custom print, you can contact John at:  johnsoule@myImagez.com
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